Marble Slab

Installation and Fitting

The first task for our team is to give you a visit to advise, take all the measurements of the space and to discuss product options.

Once we have ready to realize project, our stonemasons, slab professionals, handmade ceiling artists, bespoke furnishing team or bespoke soft waring team will fabricate all necessaries.  

For infallible results fitting and installation team working under the control of our designers and architects. 

Our workers are specialized in natural stone and cooperated with starel stones. 

For the last 25 years our team realised many projects of all kinds as: bathrooms, shower walls, shower panels, resin shower trays, bath decks, book match slabs, waterjet steps, waterjet flooring, bowl vanity top, stone masonry, tiling, bars, desks, receptions, kitchen sidings, bathroom sidings, fountains, column fitting, slab walls, slab floors, book matches, marble tables, stone tabletops, travertine/marble sinks, travertine shower trays, steps, marble flooring, stone wall decoration and marble staircases.

Please take a quote for any of our services.